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Finding the Run Command in Vista

Anthony from Provo, Utah, asks:

When I had Windows XP, there was a Run line under the Start Menu. Now I have Vista, and there isn’t one! Why did they get rid of it? Where do I go to type commands in?

Hi, Anthony! Thanks for writing; this is an awesome question!

Here’s an awesome answer: Vista didn’t get rid of the Run line. Second, it’s no problem getting it back when it’s not there. (Do you feel better now?)

Let me add something here: Whenever you need the Run line, just hit Win + R and that will always bring it up. It might be worth remembering if you’re a keyboard person. If you’re not, here’s how to get it back under the Start Menu where it belongs.

First, right-click on your Start button, and then left-click on Properties.


A box will pop up; this is your Taskbar and Start menu Properties box. You will see 4 tabs across the top. Left-click on the Start Menu tab, select the Start menu button, and then left-click on Customize.


Now another box pops up; this says Customize Start Menu across the top.

There’s a list of options in the dialog box with a scroll bar to the right of it. Scroll down to where you see Run command and check the box to the left of it. You can look at the screen shot and take note of where my scroll bar is; I scrolled looking for the Run command (it seemed like it took forever) and then I thought I had missed it and I hadn’t gone far enough).


Clicking OK has closed that box; the Taskbar and Start menu Properties box is still there. Left-click on Apply, then left-click on OK to close that box.


Now your Run command line is right under your Start menu! And you even picked up a keyboard shortcut for it, too!

Once again, thanks for writing, Anthony!

~ Lori Cline