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Firefox 1.5 Finished?

I heard something about Firefox shutting down support for their 1.5 version. Is this true?

Well, I think the best thing to say to answer your question is, “If you haven’t upgraded to Firefox 2.0 yet, you might want to think about doing so very soon.” It was just recently announced that Mozilla will support Firefox 1.5 for one more security update, but after that, it’s no longer going to be available. Now, I know that may seem pretty surprising, but in all actuality, it’s time for it to happen.

The Mozilla company originally planned the end date of the 1.5 version to be April 24, 2007, but after doing some thinking, they decided to push that date back for another month. According to a statement given by Mozilla, “support will now run through mid-May (of the year 2007) to accommodate one more security and stability update, but Mozilla is recommending users upgrade to Firefox 2.0 now.”

So, if you haven’t downloaded the 2.0 version onto your computer yet, you have until the middle of May to do so. Now, I know it’s not always the most fun thing to do when you have to change what you’re used to, but Firefox 2.0 is really worth it. It is definitely a high step up from the 1.5 series and as soon as you download it, I think you’ll agree. The new browser is faster, more secure and you can customize it to fit your specific online needs. With all the features Firefox 2.0 offers, your online experience will be sure to change for the better.

If you’re interested in downloading Firefox 2.0, you can do so from this link [1]. When you get it, make sure you’re actually downloading the version. Now, if you’re still not convinced that you want to upgrade, you can read more about the new version from that same Web site. There are links for the system requirements, their release notes and you can read through their checklist of features. When you’re ready, just click the Download Firefox – Free button and let the installation run.

Most of your add ons and extensions will transfer over to the new version as well, so you don’t really have to worry about that. You can then work on getting your settings and preferences just the way you like them and you’ll be all set. I actually just got the 2.0 version a couple weeks ago and from a person who uses Firefox for most of their Web browsing, I’m telling you that I love it.

So, in a time when you must upgrade (or you lose out), you can rest assured that you’ll still get everything from your browser that you want and need. You can’t beat that!

~ Erin