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Firefox 1.5

Firefox 1.5

I hope you guys are as excited as I am about the release of the much-anticipated 1.5 patch for Firefox, the popular Mozilla Browser. This update comes after a lengthy stint in beta version where it has been since early August. The update brings a few nice features to the table including improved security capabilities as well as ease-of-use functionality through the implementation of intuitive components that were inspired mostly by end-user input.

Here’s a list of the new capabilities and features that comprise the new 1.5 patch for Firefox:

If you’re not a Firefox user this might be the time to give it a try, especially after all the unpatched security holes that Internet Explorer [1] has had lately with parsing Cascading Style Sheets. Firefox can also import all your IE settings including favorites to help the transition go smoothly. This import features gives the user a sense of comfort and familiarly with Firefox from the first use. In addition Firefox has tons of downloadable themes and plug-ins to change the look and functionality of your browser to completely suite your needs.
So, if you’ve always wanted to try Firefox now is the time to do it. If you are already a user then go out and update your little red tailed friend because you’re going to love the new features.

~Chad Stelnicki