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If you use Firefox 2 as your main Web browser, I bet you’re using version, right? (If you’re not sure, open Firefox, go to the Help menu and click on About Mozilla Firefox. You’ll see the version listed there). Well, as of May 30, 2007, a newer version has been released. That’s right, Firefox is now ready for download! Now, I know what you’re thinking, “What could have possibly changed that much”? Make sure you keep reading to find out!

As you may already know, the earlier versions of Firefox have had a few security issues within them and well, they’re finally fixed! Firefox puts a stop to a lot of those flaws and because of it, you’ll be able to enjoy your Web experience that much more! There have also been some adjustments made to the Windows Vista support. More enhancements for Vista have been included, which is fantastic for all you Firefox/Vista users.

Firefox also comes with a couple new language options. Afrikaans and Belarusian are now available and others are still being tested, but will be released soon. And those are just a few of the new features Firefox will be known for in years to come. To get this new version, you can download it here. Most of you have probably already gotten an update notice on your computer though. If you go that route, just click on the Restart Firefox Now button and the installation will only take a couple of seconds. You’ll then be all set and you can start to enjoy the brand new Firefox. Yes!

~ Erin