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Firefox 2 Spelling

Firefox 2 Spelling

Are you one of the many who downloaded the new version of Firefox onto your computer? Yes, the second version of Firefox came with several changes, one being a spellchecker. Most of us like to use the spellchecker, because it obviously helps us with our spelling, but don’t you find it to be a little annoying at times?

Well, in Firefox 2, the spellchecker goes along with you as you type, so if you don’t like every one of your mistakes to be pointed out while you’re typing, you may want to turn the feature off. On the other hand, if you don’t mind it and like the corrections, you may want to leave it activated or if you haven’t already, turn it on. Either way, here’s how you do it.

Open up your Firefox browser and go to Tools, Options and click on the Advanced icon. Under the Browsing section, you can either check or uncheck the box that says “Check spelling as I type.” If you want the spellchecker turned on, check the box. If you want to turn it off, uncheck it. Click OK when you’re done. No matter which way you decide to go, the spellchecker is always there as an option for you, which is always nice to know!

~ Erin