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Firefox 3

Firefox 3

Wait! I know what you’re probably thinking. Mozilla just came out with version 2 of Firefox, so how could a third one be on the way already? While it does seem impossible, it’s not! I guess that’s just how the world of Web browsers works these days. There’s always something new coming around for all of us users to try. So, yes, it is true that a Firefox 3 is in the works and I’m willing to bet that it will be available for download before we even know it. Let’s check it out!

Now that you’ve gotten past the shock of another Firefox version coming out so fast, you’re probably wondering what Mozilla could do to actually make it different from version 2. Am I right? Well, the developments are already underway and it’s said that there will be a wide range of improvements that come along with it. For example, there are going to be changes made within the performance, the stability, the security and it’s going to be a lot more user friendly.

What else? Well, there will be updates made for bookmarking, tagging and the history feature. There will be a new malware detection utility, a new content handling feature, there will be changes made to the location bar and even improved private browsing. Now, all of these changes are still in the developmental stages, but it’s likely they’ll all be included with Firefox 3. It hasn’t been said yet when the new browser will be released, but I promise I will keep you updated on that. It may be awhile before it becomes available, but this news was just too good to pass up. I had to tell you all about it too. That way, you can start getting excited about it with me right away. Oh yeah!

~ Erin