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Firefox Bookmark Separators

As many of our readership have found, I’m a stickler for organization. I like to have a place for everything and everything in its place. Still, the most hectic thing I have a hard time keeping in line are my bookmarks.

Earlier this morning I was in just such a conundrum. While using the most recent iteration of Firefox, I suddenly realized that I have around 80 or so bookmarks. The subject matter from site to site is varied, but I found that I could basically group them (by dragging them up or down) into some kind of establishment.

That’s never enough for me, though, so next time you’re feeling up to some Firefox categorization try adding separators to further enhance your bookmarks menu!

Open your bookmarks menu and right-click on the bookmark or folder that you want to put a separator above. Behold, a new method of organization presents itself!


When you want to get rid of a separator, press Ctrl-B. This will open the Firefox bookmarks management sidebar. From here you can simply click on an existing separator and hit the Delete key.