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Firefox: Is It More Secure?

Firefox: Is It More Secure?

For those of you who have not yet tried out the Firefox Web browser, here’s another reason why you might want to give it some thought!

Recently, a study was done on Web browser usage on the Internet. Several companies, including Google and IBM, analyzed how many people were using outdated and non-secure browsers on the Web. The study looked at which browser and what version the user was using. According to the study, nearly 40 percent of Internet users were not using the most secure and updated version of their browser.

So, what does all of that mean? Well, it means that everyone should check their computers for needed updates! Using an outdated browser can lead to some serious issues. Doing something as simple as checking for updates can save you from viruses, adware and Internet attacks. Without the updates, you’re leaving holes in your security.

Now, here’s the good news for Firefox users. Like I said above, the study didn’t just look at overall browser usage, but it also looked at which browsers were being used. One amazing thing that came out of the study is that Firefox users were more likely to have the most up to date version of their browser. Eighty-three percent of Firefox users were using the newest version of the software. Now, as a Firefox user myself, I would love to say it’s because Firefox users are smarter, but that’s not the case. The reason for such a high number of updated browsers is because Firefox checks for updates every time you open the program. It will even update automatically while you’re browsing, so the next time you restart, you’re automatically using the most updated version.

In comparison, 47.6 percent of Internet Explorer users were using the most current version of IE. That’s a huge difference!

So, if you’re the type of person who doesn’t check for updates often, you might want to look into getting Firefox. Until next time, stay safe out there, my friends!

~ Gary