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Firefox Private Browsing

Firefox’s Private Browsing feature – the one that allows you to browse wherever you’d like without leaving a trail, sure comes in handy around the holidays, doesn’t it? It prevents curious kids and snooping grownups from seeing where you’ve been (and more importantly, what you’ve been purchasing).

Yet, I have a problem remembering to turn it on all the time. With my luck, that one failure to do so might be the one time my son or wife decides to spoil their holiday present…

So, let’s turn on private browsing indefinitely!

Open Firefox, and click Tools>Options.


Now go under the Privacy tab.

Under History, you’ll see a drop-down box. Click it, and select Never remember history. You’ll see a description below that of what Firefox won’t be remembering with this feature turned on.


Click OK and restart Firefox. Now everything you do will be private until you follow these same steps and change the drop-down selection back to Remember history.

Holiday handy!