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Firefox Sync

Wanda from Tulsa asks:

I love Google Chrome’s ability to sync all your bookmarks and what-not. It makes migrating to a different PC super easy! Is there anything similar for Mozilla Firefox?

Why yes there is, Wanda! Much like Google Chrome, version 4.0 of Mozilla Firefox allows you to sync you information like bookmarks, passwords and preferences, so you can have a little taste of home anywhere you go. Here’s how to set it up:

In Firefox go to Tools>Options, and in the resulting window select the Sync tab at the top and then click the Set Up Firefox Sync button.


In the Account Details window, enter all the pertinent info, agree to the Terms of Service and then click the Sync Options button at the bottom. In here you can choose which browser items you want to make readily available should you recover your Firefox preferences someplace else. Hit Done when you’re finished.


When you click Next you will be given a Sync Key, unique to your Firefox Sync account. Either print the key out, using the button supplied, or save it somewhere you’ll remember. This will be used to decrypt your data so you can access it elsewhere.

After a brief CAPTCHA check (to make sure you’re not a robot, they say), your account is set up! Now when you can sync any other copy of Firefox 4.0 with all your info!