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Firefox Themes

Firefox Themes

Another feature that Firefox offers is that of themes. Themes are small files downloadable from Firefox’s themes Web page. They can simply help add to the beauty and the overall feel of your browser. Themes do not modify your browser settings, nor do they interfere with your security or inner features. Instead, they can create a more appealing and pleasant look and style for your browser.

Themes are offered as free files. They are usually small in size at less than 1 MB, so they can really evolve your browser appearance. There are many themes already developed and there is sure to be a theme for everyone. More themes are added to the repertoire of Firefox’s Web site everyday and are always ready for use.

You can install a new theme within a few minutes. The procedure goes like this: You access the Theme Manager panel of Firefox, select to have more themes and then Firefox takes you directly to the Themes page of the Mozilla Firefox Web site. Then you select your favorite theme and install it. After the initial installation, you just need to exit and relaunch Firefox to activate the theme. That’s all there is to it!

Let’s view the procedure in practice. Begin by clicking Tools from the Menu Bar and select Themes.

The themes panel will now appear on your screen. On the left, you can see the themes installed and ready to use and on the right, you can have a preview of each theme.

By default, there is only one theme (the original Firefox theme) present. To experience some other themes besides the original one, click the Get More Themes text line in the lower right corner of the window.

This will take you to the Themes page on Firefox’s Web site. You can select from among the many themes available there. As an example, select Noia 2.0 (Extreme) theme, which is among the most downloaded.

Then you will be taken to the specified theme Web page. Next, just click Install Now to begin downloading and installing the new theme for your browser.

A small alert box appears asking for your permission to begin downloading the theme.

Grant permission by accepting the offer and pressing OK. Firefox will then begin to download the theme.

When the download is finished and when you click on it, you can see a preview of it in the right window of the Themes Panel.

Now, you can click the new theme and select the Use Theme option to actually activate the newly downloaded theme.

Firefox will then ask you to restart your browser for the theme to take effect.

Open Firefox back up and you will see your new theme. It’s really great, isn’t it?! You have successfully installed and activated a new theme for your browser.

Please note that you do not need to uninstall your themes to shift to other themes. Instead, just click on them and select Use Theme. Then just restart your browser to finish the job!

~ Hamid Reza