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Firefox Weather Add On

Firefox Weather Add On


First of all, ForeCastFox isn’t some super spyware from Fox News. It is actually a really outstanding add on that you can get for your Firefox Web browser. ForeCastFox is a weather forecaster that installs into your status bar and gives you daily weather information. The tool and weather information both come from AccuWeather.com. (This is just another option for all you non-Vista users that don’t have access to the gadgets explained above!)

Who It’s For

The ForeCastFox tool is a great add on for anyone who cares to stay up-to-date about the weather forecast. Because it is a Firefox add on, it makes it painless to install, uninstall or customize. So, even if you aren’t the most computer savvy person, you can begin getting local weather forecasts with just a few clicks of your mouse.



About the Program

A few years back, the Weather Bug program was invading home computers left and right. While it was a handy tool and well designed, it was full of malicious spyware. Today though, a new bug is taking over (or should I say “fox”?)

ForeCastFox is a weather forecast tool provided by AccuWeather.com. It is designed as an add on for Internet browsers. There is a version for Internet Explorer, but I have yet to test it. I’m sure it functions just as well though.

The add on sits in either the taskbar or the status bar on your desktop. It takes up very little room, yet still manages to provide you with radar and a three day forecast. At any give time, you will see a green circle. That is your radar. You will also see three other icons. One icon is for the correct weather conditions and the others are for the following next two days.

(Standard icons are shown in the image above).

The add on updates several times a day to provide you with the most up-to-date weather information. Whenever the weather is updated, a small unobtrusive box will appear with the new temperature and forecast.

(A larger weather update is shown above. The basic update is a little less than half this size).

To use the radar, all you have to do is roll your mouse over the green button and a small box with a radar screen will pop up. The one drawback I have noticed is the radar button seems to still have some bugs. Sometimes it works and other times, it doesn’t.

Installing the Program

The installation directions below are for installing ForeCastFox in Firefox 2.0.

1.) Go to https://addons.mozilla.org/firefox/398/.

2.) Click on the lime Install Now button.

3.) When the software installation screen pops up, click the Install Now button again. (It’s not the same button from the previous step).

4.) Once the program is done installing, you must restart the Firefox browser.

5.) After you restart Firefox, you should see weather tools in the bottom right hand side of your Web browser.

Customizing the Program

You will need to access the ForeCastFox options screen to customize your location and other features. Below, you will find some basic customizing information.

1.) Select Tools from the drop down menu.
2.) Click on Add Ons.
3.) Click on the Options button in the ForeCastFox box.
4.) Click the text box beside the word “code.” This is where you can type in your zip code.
5.) If you would like to change the location of the add on, click the drop down menu under Display Placement.
6.) Click on whichever location you would like your weather forecast to be displayed for.

There are plenty of other features to customize your experience too. I suggest that you spend some time playing around with them to find out what all they do. That way, you can get the perfect weather forecast for yourself.

The Bottom Line

This is a great tool. It was one of my first Firefox add ons and I love it. Several other add ons have come and gone, but this one has been on my Internet browser for quite some time now. Check it out!

~ Daved Brosche