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First and Last PowerPoint Slides

Editing a PowerPoint presentation? Need to move quickly from one end to the other? Maybe a way that doesn’t involve a bunch of scroll bar and mouse work?

No problem…

Provided you do not have the cursor actively in a text box, the Home key will move you to the first slide of the presentation.

As you can now guess, the End key will zip you off to the last slide of the presentation.

It’s important to note that if you use the Home or End keys while in a text box, you’ll simply move to the beginning or end of the current line of text. Combine them with the Ctrl key and you’ll simply move to the beginning or the end of the text box.

So, the question becomes what do you do if you are in a text box and want to make one of these quick moves?

Here’s a quick answer: Use the Esc key. With my cursor actually in the text for editing purposes I had to use the Esc key twice. The first pulled the focus from the text to the text box and the second time moved the focus from the text box to the slide itself.

Once the slide is the selected element you can then use either the Home or End keys to finish.

There you have it. A quick way to go from the beginning to the end and back again!

~ April