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Five Accessories Every Photographer Needs

Five Accessories Every Photographer Needs

1.) Tripod

If you’re taking extreme close up pictures, night shots or if you’re using the zoom feature on an object that’s not well lit or it’s just too far away, a tripod is a must. Why? Well, the best reason I can come up with is to avoid the shake of your hand. That is a natural occurrence, but it could easily blur your picture. Agreed, some high-end cameras have an anti-shake function, but that’s still a digital manipulation you could do without. Why trust technology when what you need is just a stable platform to keep your camera on to take the picture? Now, if a tripod is too heavy to lug around, you could opt for a monopod. It’s definitely smaller and lighter than a tripod and though it’s only one-legged, it’s stable as a rock.

2.) Carrying Case

Some of you might discard the use of a carrying case and prefer to keep your cameras in your pockets or purses, but a good carrying case is important. Your cameras need to be protected from water, too much sun and other factors that are in our daily lives. Besides, your camera needs to be protected from getting stolen or from being dropped. Some carrying cases are even shock proof to a limited extent. But, hey, that’s better than no shock proof at all.

3.) Spare Batteries

Many times, it’s not so much the camera memory, but the batteries that spoil a day of photo shooting. They run out just as you’re ready to capture that picture postcard shot. And the worse part? You can’t do anything about it. Even if there is a battery vendor nearby, they probably won’t have those rechargeable batteries you need. Also, if you are using the usual non-rechargeable batteries, you are making a bigger mistake. Those batteries give way much sooner. So, don’t ever think you have too many batteries. If you do, you might miss out on a once in a lifetime shot!

4.) Capture More

If you are into professional cameras and using the wide-angle function far too frequently, it’s important that you carry a wide-angle adapter. It makes it easier to take group portraits. The problem is that most cameras and camcorders have zoom lenses that are longer, which makes it harder to get the whole picture. What’s worse is that most lenses don’t highlight the faces of every member in the group with the same intensity. The focus will be right for one face, but a bit off for the other. Some cameras (like the Canon IXUS 850IS, for example) can recognize up to nine faces in the same frame and it’s sure to give equal focus to all. This is a must have feature that most cameras lack. It is here that a wide-angle adapter helps. If you don’t have a professional SLR camera, you may want to think about buying a camera that has the face recognition feature, especially if you’re taking a lot of group shots.

5.) Cleaning Kits

Cameras are susceptible to dust and grime accumulating on the lens. This could damage the lens, which just so happens to be the most important partner in your photographic pursuit. So, this means, invest in a cleaning kit to keep that lens squeaky clean. And remember, don’t just use any cloth to clean your lens. You could be leaving irreparable marks on it and making it redundant already.

If you include all of these must have accessories into your photographic life, you’ll be amazed at how much better your pictures turn out. Give them a try today!

~ Zahid H. Javali