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Fix Send and Receive in Outlook

Damian, from Boston asks:

My Outlook 2007 email quit sending and receiving. Do you have any suggestions?

Thanks for the question Damian. This article outlines a fairly involved process, but let’s begin with a simpler suggestion, following the path of least resistance first. Unfortunately, if your email hasn’t worked for some time, this path may not lead to a resolution.

Send/Receive can be operated manually by clicking the Send/Receive button on the toolbar. If you don’t see yours in the same location as the one shown below, it’s because mine was moved for an earlier WorldStart question about Rearranging the Outlook Toolbar [1].

outlook_not_sending_or_receiving_00 [2]

If your Send/Receive button works, the Scheduled Send/Receive may have inadvertently been disabled. This can easily be corrected. Click Tools>Send/Receive>Send/Receive Settings to find and uncheck Disable Scheduled Send/Receive.

outlook_not_sending_or_receiving_0 [3]

If this suggestion doesn’t help, a corrupted Outlook profile may be the cause of your problem, one that the following process should resolve (this is, regrettably, a path of somewhat more resistance).

In the Start menu, select Control Panel. Once there, click Classic View on the left, and then the Mail icon on the right.

outlook_not_sending_or_receiving_1 [4]

In the Mail Setup dialog box, click the Show profiles… button.

outlook_not_sending_or_receiving_2 [5]

In the Mail dialog box, click Add…

outlook_not_sending_or_receiving_12 [6]

Type a new Profile Name in the box that appears and click OK.

outlook_not_sending_or_receiving_3 [7]

The Add New E-mail Account window will open once a new profile name is created. There, you can set up your new profile (account). Since an account already exists, this procedure should be pretty straightforward, completed in just a couple steps. If not, please read the article, Send and Receive Gmail Through MS Outlook [8] for details on setting up an Outlook account.

outlook_not_sending_or_receiving_4 [9]

Back in the Mail dialog box, select your new profile from the dropdown menu at the bottom, and click the radio button beside Always use this profile. Click OK.

outlook_not_sending_or_receiving_5 [10]

Restart Outlook. If all the steps have been followed, Outlook should open to your new account, but none of the stuff from your old account will appear yet. What probably will appear is a test message from Microsoft.

Don’t panic.

The next step will be to transfer data from your old account to the new one. Once this transfer is complete, your new account should be indistinguishable from the one you’ve been using (except this one should work correctly). To begin the transfer, from the Outlook File menu, select Import and Export.

outlook_not_sending_or_receiving_5 [11]

In the Import and Export Wizard, select Import from another program or file and click Next.

outlook_not_sending_or_receiving_7 [12]

In Import a File, select Personal Folder File (.pst) and click Next.

outlook_not_sending_or_receiving_8 [13]

In Import Personal Folders, click the Browse button.

outlook_not_sending_or_receiving_9 [14]

In the Open Personal Folders window, find and select your old profile. This will be a .pst file, listed under your old profile name.

outlook_not_sending_or_receiving_10 [15]

Back in Import Personal Folders, check Include subfolders and click Finish. You’ve earned a break. And since the data transfer may take a while, this is as good a time as any.

outlook_not_sending_or_receiving_11 [16]

Once the data has been transferred, your new account should be fully functional, and should include all your emails and addresses.