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Fix Those Scratches

Fix Those Scratches

If you have a large CD (or DVD) collection, I’m willing to bet that at least one of them is scratched at this very moment as we speak. You may not know it (because I’m sure you don’t have time to take each CD out and look at it everyday to make sure it’s not scratched), but it does happen from time to time. Yes, CDs are very durable, but it’s also hard to prevent it sometimes.

So, you’re probably wondering now if there’s a way that you can easily fix those scratches, right? Well, of course there is! (If there wasn’t, I wouldn’t be doing this tip!) Now, there are special CD repair kits available, but before you go out and buy something, try fixing it yourself first. The number one best thing to try is a good cleaning. You can run warm water or rubbing alcohol over the CD to clean it. When you’re done, just shake the excess liquid off and be sure to let the CD air dry.

If that doesn’t work, you may want to try polishing the CD. Polishing can sometimes repair a scratch by making it more shallow. The best thing to use is, believe it or not, toothpaste (especially toothpaste with baking soda). Just apply a small amount to a piece of cloth and gently polish the whole CD. You can then rinse the disc with warm water and let it dry. Another common fix is to just burn a copy of the CD to make a brand new one. Your software may be able to read the CD well enough to make a good copy. Whatever you do to fix your scratched CDs, you now know that you have a lot of options and if you ask me, options are good!

~ Erin