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Fixing Uninstall Errors

Have you ever gone to uninstall a program, only to get some kind of nasty error message? It was probably something to the effect that the uninstall part of the program was hopelessly messed up and good luck trying to remove it from your system.

Don’t think you’re ever going to have this problem? HA! And I bet you think Windows will never lock up on ya either.

You see, there are only two kinds of people when it comes to uninstall corruptions – those that have been faced with the problem and those who are gonna be.

OK, enough talk. What do you do if you run into this problem? Calling Microsoft certainly won’t get you anywhere, nor will crying (well, its never worked for me).

The simplest solution is usually to reinstall the software you’re trying to uninstall.

No that wasn’t a typo and I haven’t gone off the digital deep end.

When you reinstall the software, you usually reinstall the uninstall part of it too – with one that works.

Ahh, now you see grasshopper.

~ Steve