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Welcome to FixYa, where you can meet up with other consumers and experts to troubleshoot and fix your technical problems with gadgets, electronics, and appliances. 

There are two easy ways to get started. You can either ask a question in the What’s Your Problem Field and click the Ask button, or you can type in a keyword or product name into the Search for Anything field and click the magnifying glass.  

For example, I have an HTC EVO 4G Smartphone. I dropped my original phone and smashed the glass, so I had to replace it and have them send me a new phone. Since receiving the new phone, I’ve noticed that my battery life is much lower than on the original, even though I run less applications, use an app killer, and connect it to my wireless internet to prolong its battery life. In theory, I could just just type in HTC EVO 4G into the search field and read through all 269 solutions. Or, I could do a more specialized search by asking a specific question. I did, and it turns out that after checking, I accidentally had the Bluetooth connection turned on. As a result, it was syncing with the Bluetooth connection it has with our vehicle and was eating up battery life. 

Another way you can browse is to check out the listings under Popular Categories or Popular Brands to see if the equipment, gadget, or appliance you want to troubleshoot is listed. You can also check out the categories that are scrolling by to see if what you want is covered there. 

This is a great community of experts and consumers who are working together to solve tech problems with appliances, electronics, and gadgets. Check it out today, and save yourself a headache when you’re trying to fix your favorite appliance. 

http://www.fixya.com/ [1]