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Flake List

It seems like these days you can find just about anything on Craig’s List. Unfortunately, that also includes people trying to scam, spam, or who will flake out on you. Welcome to Flake List where you can report the scammers, spammers, and flakes on Craig’s list, or check the database to see if who you are dealing with is one.

Navigation is easy, just use the tabs across the top of the page. The categories are: Home, About, Forum, Toons, Login, and Register. I’d suggest that you start in the About section, so that you can get a feel for what the site is about and how to use it. It defines what type of behavior fits into each category.

You’ll have to register for an account in order to report someone as a flake,  to post in the forum, or post a comment.  It’s free and easy, just click the Register tab and fill out the form with the required information and then click the Submit button. You’ll need to check  the e-mail address you provided on the registration form, and click the activation link in the e-mail they send you to activate your account. The link will whisk you back to the site where you’ll log in with the user name and password that you created in the registration process.

Now you’re ready to report someone for either flaking out on you, scamming you, or spamming you. It’s really easy to do, just click the red Report a Flake button. Fill out the form with the information and details of the situation. Denote whether the person is a scammer or flake and click Submit. Remember you are responsible for what you write, so you may want to wait until you are in a calm, rational state of mind – as opposed to immediately after being scammed or flaked out on when your emotions will be high.

This is a great resource to protect yourself from being scammed and for helping others not be victimized by the same person as you were.