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Flappy Bird was an game app that became and instant, addictive success. Now you can play it online and with other people. 

FlapMMO offers the same addicting game play only in your web browser and with multi-player. When you load into the page, you’ll start by typing in what you want your flappy bird to be called.

Next to the name box, you’ll find two buttons: Change Theme and Change Party. If you want to change the background and type of jumper you play click the Change Theme button, and then then select one of the three available themes: classic, underwater, and what looks to me like bloodstream.

Change Party will let you name your party something so your friend can enter it in to join. So if you wanted to join my party, you’d click the Change Party button and then type in Rawr, and then click the Join button. 

Playing the game is both easy and hard at the same time which is why I believe it is so addicting. All you have to do is press any key on the keboard or click your mouse to start the game. Continue pressing the button you choose repeatedly so the flappy bird doesn’t drop to the bottom and die, or hit a pipe and die. If that happens you’ll have to start over! 

You can also get this for Android devices, but I’ve read that a lot of people have a problem with lag and it being upside down. So I’d stick to the web version. 

I’ve only made it past the second pipe and I’m still ridiculously addicted, so you’ve been warned! 

http://flapmmo.com/ [1]