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Flash Website Storage Settings Panel

The other day I was playing a Flash game online, but when I tried to go back and play some of the earlier levels, I found they were blocked. I tried to relieve this problem the usual way, by clearing out my web history, but that didn’t work.

Then, as if by providence, I stumbled across the Flash Player Website Storage Settings Panel. It’s online only, so you have to go to the link below to check it out.


What it allows you to do is delete specific sites where Flash Player has settings stored from your computer. So, in my case, I simply scrolled down to the site where my game was at, clicked on it once and hit Delete website.


This let me go back and play through my game again!

You can delete all the sites, too, but I’d recommend one at a time. After all, you don’t want to lose anything too important. This is just for those cases where Flash is giving you a hard time and nothing else is working.

More on this handy panel later, but in the meantime, be careful with this one!