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Flash Won’t Work In Firefox

George from Illinois writes:

You answered a question today regarding a problem with Flash Player on your browser. Unfortunately, your reply only dealt with IE. I have had this problem with Firefox for over a year. I’ve Googled the problem and found that I am not alone. Please reintroduce this problem, only this time with the solution using Firefox.

Thank you

Answer: George, we’re hearing about this problem a lot. If you have Flash installed on your computer and it still won’t play, the program may be disabled on your browser. Some browsers automatically disabled Flash due to security concerns. I would suggest making sure you’ve downloaded the very latest version of Flash so that you have the most recent security updates. I’ll go over how to make sure Flash is enabled in Firefox.

 Depending on which version of Firefox you are using, you can either to the upper left hand corner and select the Firefox drop-down menu. Now select Add-Ons, which looks like a puzzle piece.



Or you can select Tools up at the top and choose Add-ons from the drop-down menu.


From the menu on the left, choose Plugins.


You’ll see a list of Plugins.¬† Find Flash in the list.



You may see a security warning accompanying Flash with the option to update.¬† If you haven’t already updated, do it now.



To the far right, you’ll see the option to enable Flash.


Give that a try and see if it helps.

~ Cynthia