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Flash is The main reason why most people experience slow browsing issues. There was a time when Flash usage used to be restricted to obnoxious web animations and Youtube, but today flash is everywhere.

A lot of websites that you visit on the web are bound to have ads as a means of revenue generation and nowadays a huge number of them are coded in Flash. We all have been to pages where the main content is surrounded by flash ads urging us to click on them. These flash-ads not only make browsing slow but also leave unwanted residue on your hard drive. Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could visit these websites without loading up these flash ads ?

Flashblock is a very useful plugin which blocks out all the flash content on any website you visit. This means that the page you visit will load minus all of its flash content. Instead of all that flash content you will just see a placeholder with the flash logo on it.Not only does this increase page loading speed, it makes the whole browsing process much much smoother.

But what if you want to load the flash content like for e.g. on a video site to watch the videos ? Well worry not, you can load any flash component on any page simply by clicking the Flash placeholder or click the Flashblock logo in the address bar and select ‘Always allow flash on this site’. You can also add sites to the whitelist if you want them to load all the flash elements automatically.

The main aim of this plugin is to have control over the various flash component of a page and choose what you want and what you don’t. As internet users that’s the least amount of freedom one deserve and this plugin fortunately helps you achieve that with minimal fuss.

Download the plugin for Firefox [1] Or  Chrome [2]

~Yogesh Bakshi