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Flashlight LED Genius App

If you have an Android phone, you already might have a preloaded LED Flashlight app. However, you might find it difficult to even find it, because it’s not in the main apps. This is because it comes as a widget which you have to enable. And then, sometimes, it’s buggy at best and doesn’t work consistently – like the one on the Samsung Galaxy Note.

So let’s hit the marketplace!

There are one too many to choose from, so you go by the number of stars and the number of people who have downloaded it – and yes, you also check the comments left behind by those who have already used it. But these alone will not get you the best LED Flashlight app.

That’s where the Flashlight LED Genius App [1] comes in…

If you’re fiddling with your phone in darkness to switch on the flashlight app, it can get frustrating sometimes. There is also the chance of stumbling and hurting the phone or yourself. Pray why? Because you have to first unlock your phone, and then search for the app, and then toggle it on. Here is where Flashlight LED Genius works like magic. You can just shake your device on the locked screen and the light comes on. Nifty! But remember, you have to awaken the phone by pressing the power button, so the unlock screen comes on. And then, without unlocking the screen, you just shake the device, up and down, and the light is on.

It’s that simple!

Here is how to get it. Just go to Google Play, (A.K.A. the Android marketplace), search for, and download this free app. Once installed, go to the settings, and set the interval in minutes (1-60), and also enable ‘auto shutdown’, so the LED light goes off after a fixed time. You can set that time from anywhere between 1 minute and 60 minutes.

Importantly, you have to set the shake sensitivity on a horizontal bar that goes from minimum to maximum, left to right. We suggest setting it at 75% for optimal usage. Setting it too high can make the light come on even at the slightest shake of the device.

P.S: There is also the ad-free Pro version for $1.99. Although the free version should do as the ads are not very intrusive.

~Zahid H Javali