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Flickr: New, High Res & 1 Terabyte Free

The days of breaking out a photo album at a family get-together have passed and been replaced by sharing photos online with friends and family. One of the popular choices to share images online is Flickr, the free online photo sharing website run by Yahoo. Recently Flickr announced some existing improvements which makes the service a whole lot better, but what improvements you ask?

So does this make the new Flickr the best place to share your photos? In a word: Yes. The new Flickr covers everything from sharing photos with friends by sending them to your Flickr page, sharing photos on social media sites by clicking Share or sending direct links to your images via the “Grab The Link” function.

The high definition image viewing and light box design looks fantastic and updates what was a very stale design. You can upload your images and videos, thanks to the huge 1 terabyte of space provided, through the Flickr website or Apps for iOS and Android.

You can signup for a free Flickr account by going to http://www.flickr.com [1].