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Floppy Copy

Floppy Copy

Floppy drives are slowly becoming extinct, so this tip is for us sentimental types who still love our floppies…

Ever need to copy the contents from one floppy disk to another? It’s easy! Here’s how:

1. Put the disk you would like to copy into your floppy drive (usually your “A:” Drive.)
2. Double-click the MyComputer Icon on your desktop.
3. Right click your A: Drive and select “Copy Disk” from the little menu that pops up.


4. A screen will let you select your “copy from” and “copy to” drives. For most of us, this would be drive A to drive A.
5. Click the Start button on the “CopyDisk” window.

From there, just follow the prompts. The computer will read your disk and then ask you to insert the new disk (the one you would like to copy to). That’s it.

You can use the method above to copy Zip disks too!

Another method would be to save the content of the disk to a folder on your desktop, then copy to another disk.

~ Steve