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Are you bored and surfing the internet for something to do? Why not use this time to let someone know you care about them? Or to send someone some cheer? Why not create a virtual bouquet of flowers and send it to someone you love?

The bouquets are easy to make, just start by selecting your vase. Don’t like the first three vases you see? Click more for to receive new options – there are roughly eight sets of three to pick from. Then you can use the color palette to change the vase’s color to something you like. 

Next, select the flowers, leaves, and decorations for your bouquet. Again, there are plenty of options to be found by clicking the More button. Then it is time to write your message. You can change the background color of the card and pick a design to add to it by using the options directly beneath the message area. Then write your greetings and message in. 

Is everything perfect now? Then you’re ready to send. To do so, fill in your Name and E-mail address, as well as the recipient’s name and e-mail address. Then decide if you want to know when the bouquet is picked up (the default is set to let you know, so you only have to un-bullet the circle if you don’t want to know. Pick when you want the flowers sent. The default is today, but maybe you want a different date. Now all you have to do is click the send button! 

After your flowers are sent, you can select to start a new bouquet, or you can go back to the bouquet you were working on and send it to someone else. 

This site provides a great way to send a  little pick me up to your favorite people! Check it out today!

http://www.flowers2mail.com/ [1]