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Folder Tweaker

On my desktop alone, I have 150 icons at any given moment. It’s like a sea of manila icons, scattered from one end of the monitor to the other. Sometimes, finding the things I need can turn into a hunting expedition. I do try to organize my folders, so they are not in the way so much. I move them to other drives and folders in an attempt to categorize everything, but some areas are almost useless. To help reduce this joyless task of searching for what I need, I usually customize my most used folders with something that stands out, like a custom icon or something that I can spot quickly. For instance, the folder that contains the article I’m working on today is customized with an icon that I downloaded. It’s unique and it helps me to pick it out quickly from all the other masses.

This is usually an easy process, but I have found something that makes the whole thing so much easier. Folder Tweaker is a download from creator, Quang Anh Do, that allows you to change things, like folder icons, font color and folder images by creating a completely customizable folder beyond that of an ordinary Windows capability.

Once you download Folder Tweaker and install it (that takes all of two seconds), you can start taking advantage of its capabilities. The main interface is very similar to Windows Explorer, with the hierarchical structured as a folder tree that expands to show sub-directories (folders).

You can create and modify any folder from this view and this is the best way if you plan on changing a lot of folders all at one time. The other procedure involves the Action menu. Folder Tweaker creates an entry here, so you can augment folders on the fly. For example, you see a folder in your My Documents that you want to change up a little. That’s easy enough for Folder Tweaker! Simply right click on the desired folder and choose “Tweak this folder” from the Action menu and you will be whisked away to the Folder Tweaker folder options.

With the Folder Tweaker, you can change the following settings:

Folder Tweaker doesn’t have or need any instructions. The program is pretty straight forward. The tools and settings are all very easy to understand as well. I encourage you to open it up and test it out on a few folders of your own. You’ll be a pro in no time and if you work with as many different folders as I do, you’ll definitely appreciate it as much as I do too!

Below are a couple of links to two other articles I did awhile back that I think compliment this article immensely:

1.) Leo’s Icons: Get almost any icon imaginable here. You could have every folder in your machine customized with this library of ICOs.
2.) IconArt: This awesome download allows the user to create their own icons form normal images. This is really cool and can fill the gaps of something you somehow didn’t find with Leo’s Icons.

I thought this was a nice download for people who like to customize their desktop for whatever reason, but one thing is for sure: whether you’re doing it for organization or simply to add some flare to your system, this is the program to do it with!

You can download Folder Tweaker here.

~ Chad Stelnicki