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Following your favourite comic strips

Rhonda from WI asks:

I love my comics! Is there a way I can get them delivered to me instead of seeking them out every day?

Many of us cannot wake up without a cup of tea/coffee in hand. Some cannot do without a newspaper. And a few others cannot do without a Dilbert in their inbox. With one cool website, you can now follow all your favorite comic strips online, and in the comfort of your inbox.

First off, following a cartoon is the same as following a blog through RSS (Rich Site Summary) feeds. When subscribing to RSS feeds, you get the latest comics from the sites you are interested in, be it Dilbert, Dork Tower, Pearls Before Swine or Geek & Poke. Some sites that will help you facilitate that include dilbert.com, gocomics.com and xkcd.com, among others.

Just click on the ‘RSS’ button at the bottom of the Dilbert site, and FeedBurner will make it easy for you to receive content updates in My Yahoo!, Newsgator, Bloglines, and other news readers. On other sites like gocomics.com, just click on ‘Subscribe free’ or ‘Email me this daily’ button and you are good to go.

Similarly, on rabbit-comics.org, you can subscribe comics to your inbox by just sending an email to the ID specified on the ‘Subscribe’ page.

It’s like getting live updates from your favorite cartoon channel, except it’s on the Internet and on topics relevant to you. A consolidated and shortened form of news that is emailed to you lets you get updates so you know what to follow up on when you have more time. The best part? You don’t have to subscribe to each site’s newsletter, which eliminates spam and junk piling up in your inbox.

~Zahid Javali