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Fontwork: Wordart for Open Office

Those of you who have experience with Microsoft Office should recognize the term “WordArt”.

It was that handy little feature that allowed you to take any text and really turn it into a piece of art.

If you’re now switching to OpenOffice then you may have wondered a time or two if there is an equivalent feature available.

Of course there is… you just have to know what it’s called:


and where to find it:


Yeah, I know, we all thought that we’d find it in the Insert menu but alas, you need to display the Fontwork toolbar to begin the process.

Once you have the toolbar open click the Fontwork Gallery button.


You’ll get this dialog box where you’ll find your pre-made choices.


Select one and OpenOffice will put it into your document.

Double-click on the word “Fontwork” to edit the text.

With the Fontwork object selected you’ll find that other buttons on the toolbar become active and if you pick a 3-D design you’ll find that a second toolbar is opened for you to adjust those settings.

While there are always going to be differences between OpenOffice and Microsoft I did find a significant and important difference.

After my Fontwork was created and I had moved on with my work I decided to go back and make some changes.

For the life of me I couldn’t seem to select the Fontwork object at all… which I know is nonsense since we all go back to edit things later.

Anyway, here’s the catch – If you can’t seem to select your Fontwork object then hold down the Ctrl key while you select it. From there you’re back to business as usual.

There’s a lot of individual things to explore when it comes to customizing your Fontwork so take some time to play with your options. It’s time to go forth and become a true artist.

~ April