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Do you remember all of those Nokia phones that hit the market in the late 90s? Everyone had one of those, didn’t they? Well, you know what that reminds me of? It reminds me of Winamp and Windows Media Player. Everyone seems to have those too. Well, just like the Nokia phones, bigger and better things have come along since then. This is not to say that these two players aren’t terrific. The sheer volume of their downloads confirm their reputation in itself. However, we are human beings. We get bored of playing with the same toy no matter how many skins and plug-ins we have at our disposal. Hence, I am going to take a quick dive into the huge sea of media players and pull out a gem for you. Translated in English, that means, let’s go ahead and take a look at an option available to us.

I am talking about Foobar2000!

What do you do if you have 20,000 songs on your hard drive and you have to load all of them up at once? Well, experienced users will rant about how it takes ages to load their playlists and how it becomes slow, especially when you are scrolling up and down the playlist. Well, Foobar2000 is the only simple answer I can come up with to this problem. Its minimalist interface ensures that the problem of slow functioning will not arise. Load as many songs as you want and Foobar will handle them with ease. In my case, I loaded up just about 26,000+ songs and didn’t encounter any problems when using Foobar.

First of all, you need to download Foobar2000 from their Web site. You can do that homepage [1] for a lot more on customization.

The bottom line is that Foobar2000 is a media player for the advanced power user that comes with a lot of functionalities not found in many other players. It’s not the most easiest program to play with when it comes to initial use, however, once you get used to fiddling with it and understand its purpose, I can bet you that you won’t want to use another media player ever again!

~ Yogesh Bakshi

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