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Food Nouveau

One of the things I’ve really wanted to try making this holiday season are macarons. So I hit up Pinterest with a search, and found this amazing site! Not only will I be making my macarons based off the recipe here, but I’ll be back all the time for my new favorite Edible City posts. 

Let me start by getting you all the information you need about the macarons. If you head over to this page [1], the author has collated all of her posts about macarons and various recipes on one post, so it is easy to find. There is even a five minute video that will help you learn to make macarons. And my favorite part – there are downloadable templates to help you make macarons of a certain size! Just print out the size of macarons you want to make, slide it under your parchment paper and pipe those tasty treats. 

Now that I’ve gotten that out of my system, let’s talk about the rest of the site! My favorite posts are the Edible City posts that feature a city from around the globe and its cuisine. They’re written by both the author Marie, and guest bloggers from around the internet. To see where Marie will be eating next you can check out Destinations on the navigation strip. You can also check out where she ate last year! 

Interspersed with the Edible City posts are recipes that look delicious. If we really eat with our eyes first, I’m sold on making all the recipes I’ve seen so far. I’m slowly browsing back through the archived posts. I can only read so many before I’m starving. So I definitely recommend a snack when you visit the site! 

What are you waiting for? Go travel around the world with Food Nouveau and experience amazing food vicariously through these posts! 

http://foodnouveau.com/ [2]