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Food Photography

Food is always appealing, and never fails to be attractive. That’s the advantage food photographers have over portrait photographers – we don’t have to sit around making the subject feel at home. Instead, we have to enhance our muse for its best quality: the mouth-watering one. Here are some tips to help you through this…

A) Quantity – Yes, we’d all like heaps of food before us at the dining table. In pictures, however, this would seem too busy, making the food lose its natural appeal. Minimal food allows you to capture plates or tables which would act as frames and backgrounds for your shots.

CC image courtesy Wesley Oostvogels

B) Background – Be sure to include some contrast between your food and its background. Colorful vegetables and spices would look best with a pale white background to enhance the colours. You can use paper over your plates to make the food more striking and soften the lines of the plate.

CC image courtesy Sidious Sid

C) Choose your crockery – Make sure you don’t pick up any of that fancy china ware. They are appealing only when left alone. With food? No, because they rob the food of its viewer’s attention. So tone it down and use something simple.

D) Think about your subject – Think about what you are capturing. What’s the best part of that particular dish? Make sure your shot emphasizes it. For example, with French fries, it has to be the crisp, golden texture. You shouldn’t mind getting a little messy for an amazing shot. Let the thick tomato purée spill over your fries and capture it.

CC image courtesy Sidious Sid

E) Be open to learning – Come up with new ideas to enhance your food and be open to them. Don’t restrict yourself to taking shots of the complete dish. Keep clicking through its preparation or even after a slight portion has been eaten. For example, the picture of chocolate lava cake is best when one bite has been taken to capture the liquid chocolate melt onto your plate. That way, you won’t have to stay hungry while working.

CC image courtesy Shivaranjan

Most importantly, you should enjoy what you are doing. That improves the chances of capturing many Kodak moments. And yes, if you want more tips on food photography, you could visit http://www.worldstart.com/food-photography [5]

~Zahid Javali