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Foodbeast – Food News, Culture & Entertainment

Welcome to Foodbeast where you’ll find the latest food news, trend reports, and recipes!

The main page features  a collection of articles from different sections of the site like recipes, products, humor, hit-or-miss, and more. 

Along the top of the page you’ll find a navigation strip with the following categories: fast food, restaurants, sweets, trucks, drinks, cravings, recipes, deals, and products. 

My favorite section is the Recipe section by a good margin. I like food news and all, but I love to try new recipes. Those champagne waffles [1] are calling my name. I have left over champagne from graduation too!  There are a lot of recipes that incorporate alcohol, a lot of delicious looking desserts, and some hearty meals. Plenty of variety to keep me checking for new things to try whipping up in the kitchen. 

Foodbeast is an amazing food resource, so go check it out today!

http://foodbeast.com/content/ [2]