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After bringing you craftgawker, how could I not bring you foodgawker? I adore them both. Like craftgawker what really makes this site special is their attention to detail. You are only going to find mouthwatering images of food here.

And now a warning! Warning: visit this site while you are hungry at your own risk! I am not kidding when I say the images on this site are mouthwatering. I had already eaten breakfast and I was still hungry by the time I left.

Like craftgawker, if you click on the picture of a post you like, you will be whisked away to the blog that it came from, and where most of the times you’ll find the recipe to make it yourself at home. Some pictures will whisk you away to educational information like how to select and prepare the right kind of beef for your dinner.

In order to favorite any of the pictures you like or post your own to be reviewed for submission, you will need to register for an account. Thankfully, registration is easy to do! Just click Register at the top left of the page. Then a registration form will appear at the left side of the page. Fill it out by providing a username, password, and a working e-mail address, and then click Register. It will automatically log you in and you can start favoriting projects you like right away!

The navigation tabs work the same as the ones on craftgawker: so, you’ll find several that change the way you’re viewing the page. They are: Latest (the default way of viewing), Popular (what do other people like), and Randomize (a completely random selection of projects to check out).

To favorite a picture of scrumptious food works the same way too! Just click on the little heart in the bottom left corner of the border around the picture. The image will then flip over and you can add notes, and tags to it, then click save. It will tell you if it saved at the top of the picture. You can also double check by clicking Favorites on the navigation tabs at the top of the page.

And again, I would highly recommend that you check out the FAQ before doing so. You’ll find everything that you need to know to ensure that your project is accepted, rather than denied.

I love that most of these images have recipes attached to them. I found so many new and exciting recipes for cookies that I was really able to switch up the assortment of cookies I mail out to friends during the holiday season. I have also found quite a few recipes for meals that I really hope can get me out of my cooking rut. I am really bored with the dinners I’ve been making lately.

I hope that you fall as much in love with foodgawker as I did! Check it out today!

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