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Foodie Bytes

Welcome to Foodie Bytes, where you will find Restaurant Deals, a Guide to What’s Good on the Menu, and reviews of local food!

Navigation is easy! You click on the categories to change what’s being searched for. The default is set to Top Restaurant Deals in My City, but you can change it to What’s Good on the Menu?, or I Have a Craving for a Special Dish just by clicking on those options.

Top Restaurant Deals in My City – this section is by far the most limited. You’ll only find the following cities listed under the Select My City dropdown box: Atlanta, GA; Boston, Ma; Chicago, IL; Coral Gables, FL; Denver, CO; Los Angeles, CA; Miami, FL; New York, NY; Philadelphia, PA; San Francisco, CA; Santa Monica, CA; and Washington, DC. If you live in one of those areas, select to see what restaurants you can save up 40% at!

What’s Good on the Menu? – here you can search by filling in the name of the restaurant you want to eat at in the first blank text box, and then the city you’re eating  the second text box (it might already be filled in – Toledo, OH was auto filled in for me) and then clicking the orange search button.  It will bring up a list of locations for that restaurant in your area, pick the one you are going to eat at, and then it will show you a listing of dishes on that restaurant’s menu that have been reviewed.

I Have a Craving for a Special Dish – Are you hungry? Are you craving a specific kind of food but don’t know where to get it? Then this is the search for you. For example, I was craving tacos. So I typed in tacos, and used the location that was auto-filled in for me (Toledo, OH) and clicked the orange search button.  It provided me with a list of restaurants and pizza joints that served tacos or taco pizza. This is an awesome way to see what your options are when you want a specific type of food.

This is a great site that will help you find restaurant deals, check out reviews of dishes at restaurants you might not have tried yet, as well as help you find what you’re in the mood to eat. Check it out today!

http://www.foodiebytes.com/ [1]