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Forecastfox Weather

Noble from Chicago asks:

I know there are a lot of weather websites, but I’d like a quick look at the weather without going to a site. Do you have any recommendations?

You’re right Noble, there are about a gazillion ways to check weather on a computer. However, some are better (and easier) than others and Forecastfox Weather [1] is one of them. This free and customizable extension for Firefox and Chrome places current weather and weather forecasts–from AccuWeather.com [2]–in a convenient location in your browser. Of course, unlike desktop weather gadgets, your browser has to be open to use this feature.

To begin setup, click here [1], select your browser, and follow the installation instructions.

Firefox [3]

When installation is complete, options are presented. First, select a location, and it will immediately become the default and will be added to the Previous Locations list. Clicking any from that list will change that to the default. If you’d like to rotate between multiple locations, check the switch locations box and set a time to automatically switch between locations. Below Locations, select a unit of measure.


Then, choose preferred icons.


More customizations are found in the Toolbar Display and Weather Data sections.



Any changes can easily be undone, by scrolling to the bottom and clicking the restore all defaults button.


To edit these options later, click Add-ons under the Tools menu. Or, Add-ons can be accessed with the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+Shift+A.


Under the Extensions tab, clicking the Options button will again reveal the selections described earlier.


Drag the icon to a convenient location. After taking the screenshots, I moved mine to the Add-on Bar at the bottom.


Mouse over the icons for detailed weather information.



Current weather conditions


Next day’s forecast


Future forecasts (up to six days)


Severe weather alerts


Click any icon to receive details from Accuweather.com.

Chrome [4]

This is a screenshot from Forecastfox in Chrome. Clicking the tabs on the left provides the same information that hovering over the Firefox icons offers. Click the options link at the lower left to set preferences.


With Forecastfox, everybody will still complain about the weather and still, nobody will be able to do anything about it. But at least they can be prepared.

For a look at some other weather options from AccuWeather, click here [5].

Thanks for the question, Noble.