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Forget the Film, Watch the Titles

I have always loved the opening title and the ending credits of a movie. I’m always the last one out of the theater, I watch the credits scroll till the screen goes black. I do this for two reasons – easter eggs (bonus film clips that might be hiding in the credits) and to see the soundtrack listing (which is almost always last). But this site takes this to another level and really celebrates the talent and design that goes into creating the title and credits for movies. 

On the main page you can see what titles are being featured – this is where I started browsing (with the Snow White and the Huntsman credits which are very well done and really dark), but you can also use the main menu in the top left of the page to navigate. It has the following categories: Browse All 180 Titles, Browse All 98 Designers, Browse Subjects, and About. I love that there is an option to browse the designers of these title sequences. Not sure what is being highlighted on the site? Then check out the About section which lays it all out for you. You’ll also find the FAQ in the About section.

When you select one to check out, you will find a video of the title/credit sequence being examined – stills, font, design interviews, and more. They really break down the hard work that creates the magic and charm of these sequences. And if you find a designer or design team whose work you really love you can then go check out the what else they’ve done by browsing by Designer. 

I thought it was very neat to see the process of how these sequences come together for our viewing pleasure, and how they can transcend their functional role of setting the tone for the movie by becoming mini works of art. Check it out today! 

http://www.watchthetitles.com/ [1]