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Forgetful Frustration

Forgetful Frustration

Do you frequently find yourself staring at the printout of an MS Excel worksheet and wondering just what you called that file?

Or better yet, even if you think you know what it’s called, where exactly did you save it?

Here’s a quick suggestion that may cut down on the “lost file frustration” you may be feeling. Let’s try putting the file name, either with or without the file path, in the footer of the file.

If that sounds like a solution to your problem, you first need to get to the footer. While there’s several ways to get there, one of them is through the View menu, Header and Footer choice.

Once in the Header and Footer window, you have a couple of choices.

One is to use the list of preset footers to choose your file name.

Click OK to return to your worksheet with that preset footer information.

Another choice is one that allows you to format the text and add additional information, if necessary. It’s called the Custom Footer.

If you click the Custom Footer button, you’ll find a window that opens with three sections: the left, center and right sections of the footer.

Click in a section to place your cursor.

Now, click the button (or buttons) that will insert the information you need.

Click OK twice to get back to your worksheet when you’ve got the information and formatting you desire.

With that information at the bottom of the printed page, it should reduce your “lost file frustrations!”

Oh, and don’t worry, for those of you who like to move your files around, there’s still no problem. Excel will update the information as needed.

Wow! If only forwarding my mail when I move could be that easy. Give it a try!

~ April