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Forgot Router Password & Jumping Cursor – Need Help Quick!

Sandy writes:

Hi Someone gave me a computer and I don’t remember the password on the router.  Is there a way to get it without a) costing anything and b)without buying a new router.  Also can you tell me when I type my cursor jumps around. I would appreciate a quick answer as we are hoping to set this up this weekend.

Unfortunately, we were unable to get to Sandy’s questions in time for the weekend. We have a large volume of questions and sometimes it takes awhile to get through all of them.

But we’ve addressed those topics before and I’ve got a couple of articles that should help Sandy out.

Click here [1]to learn how to recover a forgotten wireless password.

If you’re using a laptop, the issue may be caused by your touchpad. Click here [2] to learn how to disable a laptop touchpad.

We’ve got over 10,000 articles at WorldStart.com [3], so searching our site can be a valuable resource to find quick answers to your problems.

~ Cynthia