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Form Protection

Form Protection

Do you use forms in Microsoft Word?

It sure takes a lot of time to set up the drop down lists, text form fields and whatnot to make the form just what you need, doesn’t it?

Ever find that a piece of text on the form that wasn’t a field intended for information input was accidentally changed?

Maybe you did it while you were using the form or maybe someone else did. Either way, it was changed and now you’ve got to fix the problem again.

How about a way to protect the form?

You know, leave only the fields where data should be entered available for changes.

If this sounds like a good plan to you, take a look at this quick way to protect the form you’ve created.

Once your form is complete, you need the Tools menu, Protect Document choice.

Select Form from the list when the Protect Document window opens.

Also, at the bottom, you should set a password. You could choose to skip this, but without a set password, any user could turn the protection off and you don’t want that!

Click OK.

Confirm the password when prompted and you’re all set. Only actual form fields can be altered, as long as the form is protected.

I think it’s also prudent to cover how to turn the document protection off. After all, you may actually want to alter the form in the future.

To turn the protection off, go back to the Tools menu and choose Unprotect Document.

You’ll be prompted for the password and after it’s accepted, you’re good to go with the editing of the entire form again.

Happy form protection!

~ April