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Format Copy and Paste

Format Copy and Paste

Do you like the Format Painter in MS Word and MS PowerPoint?

Do you find it frustrating that when you forget to double click the button, it shuts off after just one paste?

Or, have you ever tried to interrupt the process of format painting by editing some text, only to find that the program has “forgotten” the formatting you intended to paint once you were back on track?

If any of this is bothersome for you, but you still like the idea of transferring just the formatting, I have an alternative to suggest.

Next time, instead of the Format Painter button, try Ctrl + Shift + C to copy the formatting.

Once the format is copied, use Ctrl + Shift + V on your highlighted text to complete the format paste.

The cool part is that you can go to multiple locations to paste and you can even do other tasks in between the pastes. And the program won’t forget!

~ April