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Formatting Information in MS Word

Formatting Information in MS Word

MS Word will tell you the formatting information of any paragraph you choose.

Yep—that’s correct.

It will tell you, with only a couple of clicks, information concerning formatting of a paragraph.

This can help if you’ve got a document that someone else created and you need to check on formatting. It summarizes information—saving you the aggravation of tracking this stuff down from different areas of the program.

So, how do you get to this info?

Glad you asked.

Just go to the Help menu, What’s This choice. For my keyboard enthusiasts Shift + F1 will do the same thing.

Your mouse pointer will become an arrow with a question mark attached to it.

Now take your pointer to any paragraph and click.

You should get an information bubble that pops open giving you the important information you’re looking for.


To turn this feature off you can hit the Esc key, return to the Help menu – What’s This choice or use Shift + F1 again.

If only we could get all the information we need in life so easily!