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Formatting That Demands Their Attention

Formatting That Demands Their Attention

Do you ever find yourself looking for a way to make something really stand out in a Word document?

I don’t mean just a bigger or different font—I mean a way to put something on the page that can’t be ignored.

There are lots of things you can do (bolding, Italics, AutoShapes, etc…) but maybe turning this


into this


is just the trick you’re looking for.

If you’re thinking to yourself that you need to know how to do this one then read on.

The first step is to highlight the text that you want to be in the black box. (Just to create a border on the top and bottom of the text, I also highlighted the line above and below the text.)

Next, you’ll need to go to the Format menu, Borders and Shading choice. (Alt, then O, then B also gets you there.)

Now that you’re in the “Borders and Shading” window—you’re looking for the Shading tab.


It’s here that you can pick the background color. The example above was with a black background, but, as you can see, you have many choices.

Select the color that you want and then click OK.

You’ll be returned to your document and when you click off the highlighted area you should see your information in a whole new way.

(If you have a version of Word that’s really old you may have to change the text color to white yourself—newer versions will automatically switch the font color for you.)

By now I’m guessing that most of you can see a world of possibilities with this one. You’re not limited to just black and white. If it’s a file that will be shared electronically, or printed in color, then you can use this technique in a variety of ways to really grab their attention.

Just add a little color to your life!

~ April