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Forvo – Learn How To Pronounce Everything

Have you ever wondered how exactly something is pronounced? Or had a heated debate with a friend over the correct way to say something? Well, I have ! And now I can find the answers to both those questions fast and easy with Forvo!

Forvo is a free word pronunciation dictionary (that also has translations) that uses native speakers of the language to record the pronunciation. 

On the main page you’ll find a lot of nifty things like the featured Language of the Day, latest popular pronunciations, the featured Hot Category (when I was there it was genetics!), and much, much more. There are also navigation tabs  with the following categories: Home, Languages, Categories (this lists the pronunciations in food, medicine, people, music, holidays, and sports), Pronounce, and Users. 

Also if you’re here looking for a specific pronunciation, you can use the handy search engine at the top right of the page.  Once you’ve found the word you want to hear pronounced. Just click on the play button next to it and it will play the recording. You can also download the MP3. And you have the option to rank the pronunciation as good or bad.  

Want to record your own pronunciations of words? Well you can do that as well! You’ll need to register for a free account.  Click the green Join Forvo button on the main page and then fill out the form with a username, e-mail address, location, and create a password. Then submit the form using the Create Account button. 

Now you’ll never have to go without knowing how a word is pronounced. Go check out Forvo today!

http://www.forvo.com/ [1]