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Forwarded pictures not showing in Windows Live Mail

Jeri from Wisconsin writes:

I’m using windows live to download mail from my gmail account. Sometimes when I try to forward a message with embedded pictures, the message comes up that the pics can not be found and the recipient sees a grey box instead of the picture. If I forward the message directly from my gmail account, this doesn’t happen. Help tips from your site and across the web don’t address this problem with windows live. Is there are fix? thanks!

Hello Jeri!

In researching this problem, I found many posts, some ranging back in years, but no real good solution. It seems even Microsoft techs have not come up with a good answer. It could be an issue in the security settings in downloading email from Gmail to Live mail. It also appears that sometimes, it will put the images as a slide show, rather than embedded in the email, which if you are forwarding emails that have captions to the pictures, just doesn’t work. If the images are hosted on a web server, it’s possible that the link is not recognized when the message is downloaded or forwarded.

Unfortunately, I haven’t come across a good solution. Your best bet, if it is working to send directly from Gmail, is to just continue to send them that way.