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Free and Fresh Desktop Wallpaper

There is no dearth of wallpaper websites all over the internet. Likewise, there is enough choice available that you can change your wallpaper ten times a day for a whole year and still not repeat any of them. However, if you’re bored with the usual cars, girls, and babies wallpapers, then let me share three unique resources for wallpapers with you.

1. Customize.org [1] has thousands upon thousands of wallpapers in many many themes. The best thing about this website is that you can chose to sort wallpapers by colors.

You can also find that perfect wallpaper by regularly browsing through, or doing a power search or via the tag cloud. Honestly, there are enough wallpapers here for you to kill an entire boring workday.


2. PlasmaDesign specializes in high definition wallpapers. These are meant for people who own dual monitors or HD monitor setups for their PCs.


I am talking 2500×1600 pixels wide,eye popping high definition designs. Imagine being able to impress your friends with a wallpaper spanning through two screens thereby adding that super cool finishing touch to your double screened investment. As a bonus, the website offers some good quality iPhone wallpapers too.

3. Simple Desktops is for those of us who prefer wallpapers that are not cluttered or visually busy. After all, not everyone cares about great looking images and to some people a well organized desktop with the ability to locate icons easily is more important.


Simple desktops gives you plain yet nice looking wallpapers that allow you to accomplish just that. They have a good collection of these simple beauties and you can subscribe via Facebook or Twitter to get updates on new additions to the collection.

~Yogesh Bakshi