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Free PDF Document Conversion

Did you know that you can convert .PDF documents to Word documents for free on the web?

If you have access to the Internet, rather than a program, I can recommend a website to you. This website is zamzar.com/ [1]. It’s entirely free and each time that you want to convert a PDF to Word, OpenOffice etc, you simply go on the site, upload the document, select convert to PDF and put in your email address, no hassle downloading a program and you can sue this ion any computer anywhere.

If your file is located online, you can also on occasion just put in the URL and have the website send you a copy of the document rather than downloading it yourself.  You will then be sent the resulting document. If you don’t need to use it all the time, just bookmark the site and come back to it as and when you need it. This website also works for converting tonnes of other file types including music, video, images eBooks and others.

If you want to get the text from the PDF in Notepad format then you can simply download the ‘.doc’ file and then copy and paste it into Notepad. The great thing about http://www.zamzar.com/ is that it will always be available to you for absolutely free and will take care of all of your converting needs.

At times it may take longer because many are using the site but I’ve not had a problem with the site for years to convert PDF documents, Youtube videos for personal use etc.  It even allows you to download videos by entering an URL in the second tab. If you download images with text then it might come up arranged differently in Word and you might have to move elements around but this is very easy to do.

On testing, this site took 10 minutes for me to receive the document once it had been uploaded to the site. There is no limit on the amount of uploads you can do but doing several at once does take some time. When you get the email, you are sent to a download page which tells you the name of the document (made the same as the last one for your convenience) and the size of the download.

~Richard Shelmerdine