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Free Photo Apps for the iPhone

Often, you can’t take candid shots of people, places and things because you either forget to bring your digital camera along or you don’t have one with you when you need it. But there is one accessory that is always with you: your iPhone. Here is where some free nifty apps for the Apple device are working their magic on iPhone camera users. Here are a few of them that spell magic.

Crazy Photo Booth [1] : For those of you who want to have some fun with their pictures, this is quite a neat piece of technology. Divided into four parts – Photographic, funfair, crazy and curious, you will love at least one of them for sure. While the Photographic section allows you to convert your images into pop art, black and white, sketch, sepia and negative formats, the Funfair section is where you can have more fun. Like creating ripples and twirls in your images. Not to mention, mirror images and double images of you, among others. You can even break your image into a disjointed puzzle or make your image shaped like a star. Perfect for those who need to jazz up their images for a repeat audience.

BlendCamP Lite [2] : Here is where you can take a picture of a newspaper and superimpose it on a picture of yourself. The result: some good hearted fun where the newspaper lettering will be all over your body. While there is fun to it, you need to be creative in clicking just the right picture to superimpose on your subjects who could be people, places or things. The best part is that you can change the brightness and, if not satisfied, click a new picture. What’s even better is that you can superimpose up to four pictures and create photographic mayhem with different settings in brightness, color effects, black & white, sepia, and so on. To get you started right away, there are seven template images, including vignitting, old photo, film movie, smoke, noise, rainbow, and snow effects.

Old Photo Pro [3] : If you prefer old, wrinkled photos to the modern glossy pictures, this app is just for you. Old Photo PRO transforms your color pictures into images that look decades old. You can let the application do all the work or choose to edit the photo manually, changing its saturation, paper type, film color and more. You also have the option of saving the results or sharing it with your friends. This app can also be used to make not-so-distinct images look smart with a retro makeover.

Color Splash Free [4] : This app is way too cool. It allows you to take a picture in color and then converts it into black and white. And then, you get the chance to literally brush the sections of the picture that you want in color. As you touch the screen, the outer black and white layer gives way to the color layer beneath it. It’s that simple. To make it more precise, you can zoom in and out to work on details with far more accuracy. Try it once and you will want to do this all the time, because it’s so simple even a two-year-old can work it. No wonder, it was selected by Apple for the App Store Hall of Fame. Best of all, it works in landscape and portrait mode.

Super Camera Free: All-in-one [5] : Okay, this app in a way negates the use of the other apps we mention in this piece, but then, it’s up to you because each app has its uses. This app has 10 photo filters (sketch, emboss, rain drops, frosted glass, vignetting, HDR, sharpen, sepia) and photo frames (white & black border, lined glass, postcard, paper frame, film, etc.). Best of all, it can zoom up to four-times, allows three ‘burst’ shots, and includes a 5-20 second self-timer option. Not to mention, the anti-shake sensor, full screen shutter and viewfinder. Just tap on the area that needs to be exposed and presto, the camera refocuses itself. To help you with composition, there is the 3×3 grid. You can even control flash by up to +/- 3EV. And best of all? You can save the pictures in four resolutions: 480×320, 900×600, 1500×1000 and RAW.

Photo Shop Express [6] : This app is indeed fun on the run. With a fine interface, except no retina support for iPhone 4, this is still a great basic app to edit your photos. Choose from a variety of one-touch effects, or simply use your finger to drag across the screen and crop, rotate or adjust the colors. Add artistic filters like Soft Focus or Sketch. Since to err is human, you can always undo your changes and start image transformation all over again. Resize, crop and rotate. Not to mention, a variety of frames to suit your tastes. It’s a free, well rounded app that is part of Photoshop.com that allows you share, edit and host photos online. You can store up to 2GB worth of videos and photos for free here.

3D Camera Lite [7] : Tired of the standard Facebook profile picks? This app will surely spice things up and you can’t wait to show your friends on Facebook and Twitter. You can create real 3D images with photos from any digital camera. No glasses required. No wonder, it was rated 4.5 out of 5 by Macworld. First, take left and right photos with the built-in camera. Then, view your 3D photo as a grey or color anaglyph (using common red/cyan 3D glasses), a stereogram (no glasses required), or as a wigglegram for a simulated 3D effect. It’s that simple and yet wonderfully ‘wow’. However, if you want to turn images in your photo album into 3D and save larger image sizes, you need to buy the Pro version.

PhotoFunia [8] : This app lets you upload your picture for a certain special effect and within seconds, it downloads the picture on to your mobile. Which means, you need Wi-Fi or a stable internet connection to make this app work. Is it worth the extra money you spend on the internet? Yes, if you have an unlimited internet connection, you don’t have to worry. With 100 different effects, this nifty app automatically identifies the face in the photo and lets you add cool photo effects and create funny face photo montages. New effects are added almost every week.

Panorama Free [9] : This app lets you take panoramic photos on your iPhone. Just click, add more, and tap ‘finish’. Presto, your panorama is ready in portrait of landscape mode. The best part? You only need to align partially and the app will do the sophisticated stitching by itself. You can take an unlimited number of shots and as wide a panorama as you wish.

I Am Awesome [10] : With this app, awesomeness can be acquired for free. Type your name or your baby’s and see the name hang from a gold chain around a woman’s neck; on a beach; on someone’s head; on a ‘walk of fame’ star; on a race car; on a blimp; on a basketball jersey, and so on. You can even change the text during the slideshow and even jump from one effect to another in a jiffy. You can save the image to your album or use it as a wallpaper or assign it to a contact or do all of them.

~Zahid H Javali