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The other day, I was reading online comments about software from an unhappy user. I have the same software installed in my computer, and it does what I need it to do, so I wasn’t particularly concerned with the specific issues described by the writer. What occurred to me though was that this software is free, and that fact was overlooked. I don’t have a problem with that omission, but find it interesting how free stuff has become such an integral part of the technical landscape that the cost, or lack of it, goes without mention. As a result, we sometimes forget what outstanding opportunities we have to obtain so much for so little. That isn’t to say that the criticism that I read was unfair, or that the critic shouldn’t have made those comments. It’s just an observation about how things have changed.

As someone on the fast track to becoming a senior citizen, and certainly the oldest member of the Worldstart team, I know that, for the majority of my life, free products were rarely available (at least they weren’t available without a catch). Today however, if you have the technical expertise, once you’ve purchased your computer hardware, you can install a free operating system, to which can be added almost any type of free software that often equals, and occasionally exceeds, the promised capabilities of similar software, sometimes costing hundreds of dollars.

Of course, that doesn’t mean that there’s no risk involved with all the free technology out there, and users must be careful, not only in deciding which freeware to use, but in deciding where to get it. So, as a compulsive software downloader, I decided to take a look at the free programs installed on my computer (a search I did with my free Revo Uninstaller). From the results of that search, I’d like to offer a partial list of free stuff I can recommend. This list will include links to locations where this freeware can be safely downloaded, or to Worldstart reviews of these products, which also include download links.


Auslogics Disk Defrag

AVG Antivirus



Google Chrome




Malwarebytes [1]

Mozilla Firefox

OpenOffice [2]


Revo Uninstaller [3]


YouTube to MP3 Converter

YouTube Downloader

Zone Alarm

If you have anything to add, or would like to comment, please contact me at kevin@worldstart.com